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Q: What is Popmoney?
A: Popmoney is a feature of PHFCUOnline that lets you send money to someone electronically via their email address, mobile phone number, or directly to their bank account. Payments to someone’s email address or mobile phone number are accompanied with a personalized message letting them know that the funds are available for electronic deposit to wherever they choose, while payments to someone’s bank account are deposited automatically.

Q: How do I sign up for Popmoney?
A: Popmoney is available to customers registered for PHFCUOnline and Billpay. This service can be accessed by selecting the “Billpay ” option from a desktop or “Pay bills” option via the PHFCU app. 

Q: Who can I send money to?
A: You can send money to nearly anyone with an email address or U.S. mobile phone number. The person receiving the notification will be able to deposit the money to any of your PHFCU accounts or nearly any U.S. bank. You can also send money directly to someone else’s bank account (within the U.S.) if you have their bank routing and account number information.

Q: How does the recipient receive and deposit funds?
A: If you are sending money to a mobile phone or email address, the recipient will receive a notification with a personalized message indicating that you have sent them a payment. The recipient has two ways of depositing the funds:

• If the recipient is a PHFCU member, they can deposit the funds into their account via PHFCUOnline

• If the recipient is a not a PHFCU member, they can visit popmoney.com. They will be prompted to provide their mobile phone or email address along with their bank account information for the payment to be deposited.

Q: Can I send money internationally?
A: No, you can only send money to individuals via their accounts within the U.S.

Q: Will my account information be shared with the recipient?
A: No, your account information will not be shared with the recipient. The recipient will only see your first name, last name, and the message you wrote for the payment. When you send a payment to an email address, the recipient will also see your email address. Similarly, you will not be able to see the recipient's account information.

Q: What are the different ways I can send money to someone?
A:  You can send money to someone using their email address, mobile number or account information: 

Email address: your contact will receive an email with instructions on how to direct the payment into his or her account.

Mobile number: a text message will be sent to the recipient on your behalf with instructions on how to direct the payment into his or her account. You may want to tell your contact that standard message and data rates may apply.

Account information (routing and account number): the money will be deposited directly into your contact's account. You will also have the option to send an email to your contact.

Q: When will the recipient receive the funds?
A: This depends on the delivery option selected by the sender. If the sender has selected 3-Day or Standard delivery then the recipient will receive the funds 3 business days after accepting the payment. If the sender has selected Next Day or Express delivery then the recipient will receive the funds 1 business days after accepting the payment.

If the sender does not have an option to select a delivery speed, funds will normally be available to the recipient on the next business day if you are sending money to someone who has used Popmoney and has selected the Automatic Deposit option. Funds will also be available on the next business day if you have provided your contact's account information.

In some cases, like when you have exceeded payment limits, the funds will be available in three business days

Q: When will funds be deducted from my account?
A: If you make a payment before 7:00 p.m. Pacific time on a business day, the funds will be debited from your account on the same day. You should see the transaction on your financial institution statement the following day.

If you make a payment after 7:00 p.m. Pacific time or on a non-business day, the funds will be debited from your account on the next business day.

Q: Can I cancel a payment?
A: Yes, you may cancel a payment anytime before or on the send date. Your contact will be notified if you cancel a payment after a payment notification has been sent.

Q: What is the maximum transaction amount I can make via Popmoney?
A: The maximum daily amount allowed for Popmoney transactions is the current available balance in the source account or the limit noted below, whichever is less. This includes any single transaction or the total amount outstanding. 

Daily $1000.00
In-Process  $1000.00
Monthly $4000.00

Daily $100.00
In-Process  $100.00
Monthly $400.00
*Limits may vary per customer

Q: Can I set up recurring or future-dated transactions?
A: Yes, Popmoney transactions may be scheduled up to 365 days in advance of the date the transaction is to be made. Automatic recurring transactions may also be scheduled for regular intervals (e.g., weekly, monthly, annually) in the same amount between the same two accounts. 

Q: What happens if I set up a transaction but do not have sufficient funds in my account on the "send date?"
A: If, on the "send date,” the balance in your account is insufficient to make a transaction you authorized, we will delay the transaction and try again on the next Business Day. If there is still an insufficient balance to make the transaction, we may either refuse to pay the item, or we may make the transaction and overdraw your account. In either event, you will be responsible for any non-sufficient funds ("NSF") or overdraft charges that may result.

Q: How many people can I add to my list of contacts?
A: You may add up to a total of 50 contacts.

Q: How do I disable Popmoney?
A: You may disable Popmoney by calling 1-888-643-4343 (from the Continental U.S., Guam, and CNMI).

Q: Why don't I see a payment that I'm expecting?
A: If you are expecting a payment and you do not see it in your Incoming Payments, this is most likely because you have not added the email address or mobile number to which the payment was sent. Have you added this email address or mobile number? If not, go to Preferences to add and verify it. Once you are done, you will be able to see the payment immediately.

Q: If the sender has provided the wrong mobile number, or I cannot receive text message at this phone, what should I do?
A: Please call the sender to edit the mobile number. The sender can edit the mobile number by clicking Activity and editing the transaction.

Do not attempt to deposit this payment! The funds will be returned to the sender if you are unable to verify access to the mobile number.

Q: What happens when a payment someone sent me expires?
A: You have ten days from the send date to deposit a payment. When a payment expires, the funds are returned to the sender. After a payment expires, you will have to contact your sender to request another payment if you still wish to receive the funds.

Q: I have a question that is not listed here. Who can I call? 
A: If you have questions, you may call us at 1.808.737.4328. For after hours assistance, please contact 1.844.699.0374 (available between 2:00 AM to 8:00 PM HST, 7 days a weeks).